Captain Clean Industrial Services

Captain Clean offers duct cleaning services for commercial and industrial customers and has significant experience with the unique demands of commercial buildings. Ensuring the cleanliness of your ductwork with our services will make a huge positive difference in your business.

Building and Facility Managers understand they must maintain a clean air handling system.  Public awareness of the issue, increasing litigation and growing governmental interest in the topic have led to a wider understanding of the need for air duct cleaning and HVAC systems maintenance.  The challenge is to find a company that is both professional and knowledgeable enough to do the job properly, and flexible enough to schedule work so that daily procedures can continue with minimal disruption.  Captain Clean is a competent company that can understand your needs and circumstances, document their work, and guarantee your satisfaction.

We at Captain Clean are aware of the complex circumstances that can exist within different buildings and facilities.  Because each building is different, we begin with an on-site conference and survey, which helps to establish what your needs are and how we can best address them.  Please contact us so that we can answer your questions and begin making your indoor air quality program a little less complex.

Clean air benefits your employees and your customers. Without regular air duct cleaning, your employees and your customers are breathing air contaminated by dust, debris, and potential contaminants like mold, mildew, and bacteria!

In addition to ensuring the health of your employees and customers with clean, fresh air to breathe, cleaning your air ducts also protects your bottom line:

  • Cleaning your air ducts helps ensure the longevity of your expensive HVAC system.
  • Clean equipment operates better with less breakdowns.
  • Clean equipment will use less energy.

Some of the commercial/industrial clients we’ve worked with are 3M Company, Bobcat Company, Ottertail Power Company’s Big Stone Power Plant, Com Del, Giants Seeds, Dakota Magic Casino, and Mycogen Seed. Contact us today for an estimate to join this list!


Some of our happy commercial & industrial clients: